About Sami Kalanen

Sami Kalanen works as Managing Partner at North Patrol Oy. Sami consults with customers on project preparation and definition of requirements, and supports customers in competitive bidding and oversight of vendors’ implementation work. His areas of specialisation include broad, technically challenging web projects and competitive bidding in the public sector. Sami has been working with web projects since the mid-1990s. Earlier in his career Sami worked in IT procurement at a large industrial company, in management roles at software vendor companies, as Managing Director and a partner at an independent consulting firm and as product manager for a telecommunications operator.

Preparing for a successful web project

The fundamental requirement for a successful web project is that the project is in line with the organisation’s business goals.

A web project involves the needs of the end-users and the business, new ideas and various limitations and boundaries. At the beginning of the project it is not always clear what problems, challenges and needs the new website must address, and how new ideas could help find solutions.

When starting a new website project, its goals and scope should be clarified through a feasibility study. A feasibility study is a tool which the organisation’s management can use in deciding whether or not to implement a project.
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