What are the advantages of commercially licensed web content management platforms over open-source products?

Platforms based on open-source code are conquering the world of online services. WordPress, in particular, has spread with vigor. The platform is constantly developing, and there is no shortage of implementation partners. With the number of installations as the criterion, WordPress is probably the world’s most popular content management system.

It is suitable for relatively simple websites, and thus mostly for small and mid-size companies, for whom it is enough to offer the visitor a pleasant visual experience and publish some basic content, such as news. An open-source product for slightly more complex solutions is the very popular Drupal, a platform technically more capable than WordPress. In addition, other platforms building on open-source code abound.

There are, however, many scenarios for which I think open-source solutions are not at all, or, at least, very well suited. These include needs for digital marketing capabilities or multi-language management, to name a couple of examples, which many organizations have regardless of their industry. In these scenarios, commercial products have a clear lead over their open-source challengers.
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