Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Good advice

North Patrol is a company of web experts. Our main interest is your interest.

We are passionate about sharing advice that helps you find the best options for your web solutions.


We don’t favour any technologies, products or vendors. We look for best practices, high quality, cost-effectiveness and benefits in every case.

No lobbying, no hidden agenda, no horse-trading.

You’re our island of truth and clarity in the sea of hype and promotion :)

Richard Farkas, Manager of Digital Communications, Metso Corporation

100 years of experience

Our hourly rate buys you nearly 100 years of expertise in the field of planning, implementing, tendering and developing web solutions.

We have been project members in the creation of hundreds of web sites, intranets, extranet tools, e-services and web stores, so we are familiar with the tricks of the trade, as well as the pitfalls.

Reality check for budgets and schedules

Our experience provides us with a practical grasp on realistic timetables for all the phases of a web project. We know the price ranges for different solutions, and we know the tasks, human resources, arrangements and roles you need to take into account.

If it seems your project can’t be reconciled with your budget, or your schedule, or your project personnel, we can plan a safe way to tweak the variables to match your resources.

North Patrol’s knowledge of operators in the industry has accelerated starting our projects and finding the right kind of partners.

Arja Yli-Kivistö, IT System Manager, Atria

Trouble-free vendor selection

The competitive bidding process for a web project is likely to be an infrequent part of your organization’s daily doings – for us, it is all in a day’s work.

For years, we have been creating the documentation for invitations to tender, defining the comparison criteria and comparing the bids using well-established methods.

Fair vendor selection

When comparing the bids, you need specifically set comparison criteria to pinpoint the ideal partner. Setting these criteria is part of our core competence – also in the cases that aim at statutorily regulated public contracts. We have a good reputation as a fair and just consultancy party even amongst the vendors.

Find the right partner

Through the competitive bidding processes we’ve taken part in, we have gained an extensive insight into the field of integration partners in Finland. We know the technologies different partners use, and we know their strengths and methods. That’s why we are able to suggest the right companions for desirable end results, and we can give recommendations for the technologies or products that match your needs.

What would be the fair price?

We also have a good understanding of the price levels of web implementation projects: what can you get for a certain price tag, what kind of work is costly, or in which cases are the low-budget solutions applicable. Whether you aim at killer quality, strong basics or the bare minimum, we can help you find the optimal price-quality ratio.

The promises given by North Patrol in their tender were kept throughout the project.

Nina Hedberg, Communications Officer, Liikenneturva

Our team said afterwards that the 10,000 Euros we paid to North Patrol was one of the best investments in the project.

Jukka Helin, Marketing Group Manager, Helsingin Energia

Find the right CMS

When you are pondering your options for a content management system, we can paint you an overall picture of the products on the market and the most significant differences in their features. Exploring your needs, we can identify the products that are suitable for you, and the requirements that might tip the scales in favour of a certain product.

Save money and your nerves

When you have plans for your desired web solution, we can verify their compatibility with the capabilities of the most common content management systems, or of a certain CMS. If needed, we can elaborate and modify your plans to make them match a certain product, or to find a more cost-effective implementation method.

Let’s discuss your needs

If you are interested in our services and would like to know more, contact us!

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