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North Patrol is your adviser on digital solutions.

We help to clarify the objectives and service concept of a digitalization project. We find correct answers for questions about technology and architecture independently. In bidding and in selecting a partner we ensure the success of the procurement process.








We do not favor any specific technologies, products or vendors. Instead we serch for high-quality, reliable and cost-efficient solutions for our customers with their special needs. No lobbying, no hidden agenda, no horse-trading.


We know web technologies, presentation solutions and system platforms. We can evaluate what is viable and workable. We know what is a realistic schedule for different phases of a digital service project, what is the approximate budget and what it takes from the customer.


We plan service concepts, implementations and architectures which are time-resistant and can be further developed. We seek for long-term solutions which will help you to achieve your objectives, are compatible and defend your budget throughout their life cycle.

Perttu Tolvanen

MSc, Economics

Perttu Tolvanen is a web concept design and content management system expert. Perttu consults with clients on project planning and defining requirements, and supports customers in selecting content management systems and implementation partners. His areas of specialisation include facilitating concept design workshops and selecting content management systems.

Perttu has ten years of experience with web and intranet projects, including serving as a project manager and consultant. Earlier in his career Perttu has worked in procurement and as a project manager at a large media company, a content management system consultant at a large IT company and an independent, neutral consultant at his own firm. He is also a well-known seminar speaker and blogger. Perttu is the editor of Vierityspalkki.fi, a Finnish blog focusing on web issues, and Viides taso, a blog for intranet professionals.

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+358 50 368 5199


Sami Kalanen

MSc, Engineering

Sami Kalanen is an expert in project planning, requirements specifications and competitive bidding. Sami consults with customers on project preparation and definition of requirements, and supports customers in competitive bidding and oversight of vendors’ implementation work. His areas of specialisation include broad, technically challenging web projects and competitive bidding in the public sector.

Sami has been working with web projects since the mid-1990s. Earlier in his career Sami worked in IT procurement at a large industrial company, in management roles at software vendor companies, as Managing Director and a partner at an independent consulting firm and as product manager for a telecommunications operator.

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+358 50 307 4044


Virpi Blom

MA, Cultural Studies

M.A. Virpi Blom is an expert on web concepts, content strategies, user experience and overall planning of web projects. She consults on matters of concept design and strategic roadmaps, as well as on designing and documenting the functional requirements.

Virpi has over 15 years of experience with web sites, intranets and extranets from the viewpoint of their planning, defining, design, copywriting and usability testing. She has specialized in ensuring the positive user experience, regarding both form and function.

Previously, Virpi has been working as a managing consultant, senior consultant and user experience team leader in various software vendor companies.

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+358 400 240376


Kimmo Parkkinen

MSc, Computer Science

Kimmo Parkkinen is an expert in requirement specifications and software procurement. Kimmo consults the customers on defining the functional requirements and technical design of web based solutions as well as selecting the best suppliers for the implementation phase. His areas of expertise include designing, modelling and documenting complex web based services.

Kimmo has over 20 years of experience with web and intranet projects, including serving as a software architect, technical project manager and a production manager in software vendor companies and also as an independent consultant.

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+35850 430 5031


Mikko Jokela

MSc, Economics

Mikko Jokela is an expert on web and digital business. Mikko consults the customers on web platform and vendor selections, defining functional requirements, and especially on how digital channels could support business needs more effectively. His areas of expertise include utilizing web and digital channels for better business, and web technology selections.

Mikko has been working for IT vendors in several roles. He has been in charge of a business line, responsible for web business development and a consultant in several web projects. Mikko’s main focus has been in private sector customers but he has also work experience on education and public sector.

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+358 40 588 9720


Camilla Heikkilä

M.Soc.Sc, Political Science and Communications, BBA, Information Technology

Camilla Heikkilä is a specialist in web communications and web services. Camilla has a broad experience in communications, particularly in web communications and knowledge of digital services and service design.

Camilla has experience in web concept design, project management, usability testing, content strategies and training users. Camilla has specialized in content design and can help organizations crystallize the content into a working web service, where the users’ needs are taken into account.

Camilla has worked nearly 15 years in communications in different NGOs and with the government. During her career she has had numerous of responsibilities in web project of different sizes.

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+358 50 327 1717


Anna Availa

M. A. Finnish language, B. Ed Adult education

Anna Availa is a digital communications advisor and her expertise is in an internal and external digital services.Anna consults with customers on project preparation and definition of requirements and supports the customers in digital concept design.

Anna has worked on the digital communication in several organizations in the public and private sectors. As a communication manager for companies and a Finnish city organization, she has strongly developed digital communication and created organizations whole e-communication system which includes for example online magazines, online annual reports, intranets, extranets, websites and external social media.

For over twenty years Anna has worked with numerous communication systems, technologies and IT vendors. Working in executive teams in several organizations has given an insight into how digital communication supports business.

Earlier in her career Anna has responded for whole communication systems and has worked in many different roles in developing and maintaining as a project leader, content producer and editor.

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+358 45 6789 676


Noora Linnermo

MSc Economics – Marketing and Information Systems Science, BBA Economics – Business Communication

Noora Linnermo is a specialist in web strategies and digital concept and service design. She consults the customers on web concepts, project management and requirement specifications driven by the optimal user experience.

With several years’ experience in leading digital service projects she can help customers in planning web projects that meet the requirements of the organization, end users and those responsible for the maintenance. She can help organizations to identify benefits and potentials of their web services and to plan how to take full advantage of them.

Noora has worked with web services in several roles having experience both from the customer’s and solution provider’s side. She has been responsible e.g. for needs assessments, functional and technical specifications, usability testing, implementations and training. Noora has worked as a technical product owner and a system and concept development manager participating to the planning and developing organizations’ digital services.

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+358 50 586 5678


Sari Mäkelä

MBA, Information Technology and Business

Sari Mäkelä is a specialist in digital business management and sales. At North Patrol, Sari works as a customer account manager and sales coordinator, but we can also profit from her extensive competence in competitive bidding and supervision of implementation partners.

Sari has over 20 years of experience with hundreds of versatile digital projects, including solutions for e-commerce, digital workplaces, marketing automation, AI and IoT. As part of her sales tasks, she has drafted many contracts and participated in acquisition negotiations with various organizations.

Sari has worked at leading Finnish IT supplier companies in sales, customer relations management and business management roles. In addition, she has worked at a few startups in an advisory role.

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+358 40 521 6330


Tuija Latva

BBA, Information Technology

BBA Tuija Latva is a specialist in usability, accessibility and developing online services. Tuija consults customers on project preparation, user experience design and technical details of requirements.

With her broad knowledge of user needs, UI solutions, graphic design and front-end technologies, Tuija is able to give consultance on any user experience related question. Her portfolio covers versatile design work on user interfaces, design systems, prototyping, ensuring accessibility and user testing.

Tuija has worked in IT for over 20 years, and during that time she has done back-end and front-end coding. From the year 2016 on, she has focused on user experience design. During her career, she has worked both as a consultant and also as a member of implementation teams.

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+358 40 515 7748


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