We offer support to customers ordering Internet, intranet, extranet and e-commerce projects.


Planning web and intranet projects

To support project planning, we make feasibility studies in which we map out the company’s digital service strategy and business goals, plan the content and timeline of the project and assess the necessary tools and costs for the new service. In a typical feasibility study phase, we evaluate the organisation’s current situation and desired goal through workshops and interviews with key personnel. At the end of the feasibility study, areas to be developed are prioritised.

The final results of the feasibility study support management in decision-making at the beginning of the project, and also provide them with a road map for long-term development of services.

Partner selection

Partner companies usually specialise in specific areas of web or intranet projects. Some, for example digital design agencies, are oriented toward concept design and technically simpler implementations, while others, for example large IT integrators, are more focused on technically challenging implementations. The type of partner (or partners) used in realising the project always depends on what will be included in its scope.

We have exceptionally wide-ranging knowledge of implementation partners in Nordics, and we can suggest suitable partners for each particular need. The final decision about partner selection is always made by the customer, but our experts provide a systematic approach and clear criteria on which to base the selection.

Competitive bidding process

We assist with drawing up documented requests for proposals, describing the requirements for the entirety to be procured, setting comparison criteria and handling comparison of the proposals received.

As an independent consulting company, we can assist customers in assessing platform products and implementation companies without bias. We are also familiar with the demands of competitive bidding process for public sector projects.

Requirements specification

In defining requirements we pinpoint the goals and target groups of the new service and describe its basic concept design. The concept design for the new service is clarified in workshops led by our experts. Definition of requirements also includes technical workshops, usually with members of the IT department. The final product is a requirements specification document reviewed and approved by the customer.

The requirements specification document can be utilised in technology selection, competitive bidding and as a basis for more detailed implementation planning.

Technology selection

There is a large selection of content management systems, e-commerce platforms and portal systems on the market, and different products are suited for different use cases. In some situations, it is just as reasonable to build tailored applications separately from platforms.

We have exceptionally wide-ranging expertise and experience with platforms and content management solutions for intranet, Internet, e-commerce and extranet. That enables us to truly evaluate the suitability of various technologies for each customer’s needs and recommend the best possible option.

We can participate in technology selection either by providing advice on specific points or by handling the entire technology and vendor selection process.


We can be of assistance in negotiations and in checking or revising the terms of agreements. When needed, we can draw up the contract documents based on terms we have found applicable on a given case.

When your supplier has drafted a contract agreement, we can give our remarks on its terms and we can make sure it complies with your request for proposals. Furthermore, we can ensure that the terms and project proceedings are beneficial also from the perspective of the customer.

Safeguarding your interest during projects

When the project is in progress, we can oversee the work of the supplier as an advocate for the client.

We take willingly part in project steering groups and offer supervision to solve any problematic situations in project implementation. We can also assess the outcome, suggest a resolution in conflicts between the interested parties and decipher the meaning behind the suppliers’ technical jargon.

Project kick-off

When the project is launched, all those concerned should be well aware of the line of action, objectives and critical success factors of the project.

Our input on clarifying the goal is to organise a kick-off event: a joint workshop for all project members that ensures full understanding of the project’s priorities and preliminary plans.

Support for project team

Often, the content management team has a heavy burden in a project. We can be of assistance in organising the content creation and in outlining the administration model for the site.

Furthermore, we can help you with your plans regarding the contents, or with launching the site, or in organising user training.

Acceptance inspection

When the project is on the finishing line, it is critical to detect errors before acceptance of the delivery. We can help you plan, organise and document the acceptance inspection.

When it comes to the classic dispute whether something is a bug or a feature, we can resolve the argument.

Training and seminars

We regularly hold training programmes and theme workshops on good practices in web and intranet projects. You can order training tailored for your own organisation, or take part in our open training programmes. We regularly act as a trainer for programmes organised by Alma Talent Events, among others.

Perttu Tolvanen


The cost of our services is based on hours per consultant. The cost of one hour is 168 € (VAT 0). The cost of one day (7.5 hours) is 1260 €.

Examples of our prices:

  • The price for one workshop and a recommendation for next steps based on the workshop (for example a technology recommendation) is typically 5,000 €.
  • A typical initial assessment which includes interviews and a number of workshops is about 20,000 €.
  • The process of defining requirements costs 15,000–40,000 € depending on the scope of the entirety.
  • Realisation of the entire competitive bidding process based on requirements we have documented is 5,000–10,000 €.

Training and lectures are priced on a case by case basis.

Additional information

If you are interested in our services and would like to know more, contact us!

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