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Building a complex and content-heavy website? North Patrol's team helps you design data structures, user interfaces and key functionalities.

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Composable solutions – when to use them and when not?

3 April 2023

Kimmo Parkkinen

Data insights

SaaS search solutions in Finnish websites in 2023

7 March 2023

Kimmo Parkkinen

Case: UEF online service is made for its users

23 June 2021

Anna Availa

Case: renewal on a fast schedule

31 May 2021

Mikko Jokela

Complete reorganization of the concept was worth it

20 January 2021

Virpi Blom

Utilizing Contentful as a content management system

7 December 2020

Mikko Jokela

Many end up choosing two web content management systems

23 November 2020

Perttu Tolvanen

CASE: Lahti municipality’s website stands out

20 October 2020

Anna Availa

Municipalities have plenty of WordPress partner options

14 October 2020

Anna Availa

Data review: Web content management systems in the Finnish public sector – analysis of over 500 websites

24 September 2020

Anna Availa

Will Episerver retain its leading market position?

7 April 2020

Mikko Jokela

Data insights

CMS market shares in finance sector companies of Nordic countries

2 December 2019

Heikki Toivo

Data insights

Content management system market shares in Nordic countries

7 October 2019

Heikki Toivo

Ingredients for utilizing web analytics

5 December 2017

Mikko Jokela

CASE: user-friendliness fine-tuned through testing

19 October 2017

Virpi Blom

Forget the latest Forrester report about WCM systems

5 June 2017

Perttu Tolvanen

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre’s web services take a digital leap

24 April 2017

Kimmo Parkkinen

Good news: web sites ARE getting better

19 September 2016

Virpi Blom

What are the advantages of commercially licensed web content management platforms over open-source products?

23 May 2016

Mikko Jokela

National flag is not a language symbol

17 May 2016

Virpi Blom

Philosophical differences: Sitecore vs. EPiServer

6 October 2015

Perttu Tolvanen

My favorite startups in web content management

21 September 2015

Perttu Tolvanen

Digital Customer Experience Marketing Cloud Platform

16 September 2015

Mikko Jokela

Multilanguage management: US style vs. European style

6 June 2015

Perttu Tolvanen

Low-cost website builders have become surprisingly good

2 June 2015

Perttu Tolvanen

To personalize or not to personalize?

18 May 2015

Mikko Jokela

Good usability in CMS? A myth?

3 February 2015

Perttu Tolvanen

Story of Sitecore by Lars Nielsen

16 December 2014

Camilla Heikkilä

Two models for buying a web project

24 November 2014

Virpi Blom

Story of a 300,000-euro web renewal – case

28 October 2014

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We are a team of ten consultants, all of whom are experienced designers and technology experts. Every year we design and prepare over 50 different online services and information systems. Our customer satisfaction is very high (9.5 out of 10), and we have helped many customers transform their digital services.

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  • We specialize in digital service design

    We specialize in high-quality design and requirements specification of digital services. Our mission is to help customers succeed in their software project by creating the best possible foundation for implementation – whether it is an agile implementation done inhouse, a project done with a partner, or a publicly tendered project.

  • We don't sell coding or licenses

    Many software companies recommend software solutions that they also implement themselves. We don’t do that. We don’t do software implementation projects or have partnerships with technology providers. Our perspective on the software market is broad, as it should be for our customers. Our goal is always to find the best possible software solution for our customer, whether it’s a custom-built solution, a SaaS service, an open-source platform, or a combination of these.

  • We are realistic and forward-thinking

    We design digital service concepts, implementation methods and architectures that are sustainable and can be further developed. We place great importance on the feasibility of software solutions, the availability of good partners and the predictability of costs.

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