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Building a complex and content-heavy website? North Patrol's team helps you design data structures, user interfaces and key functionalities.

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Good usability in CMS? A myth?

3 February 2015

Perttu Tolvanen

Story of Sitecore by Lars Nielsen

16 December 2014

Camilla Heikkilä

Two models for buying a web project

24 November 2014

Virpi Blom

Story of a 300,000-euro web renewal – case

28 October 2014

North Patrol

Peculiarity of Finland: Liferay a popular web content management system

15 October 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

Modern CMSs are built for power users – interview of Tony Byrne

2 September 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

Contentful—CMS for mobile applications and custom web services

13 August 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

Marketing has inherited the web, but doesn’t know what to do with it

25 June 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

Strongest WordPress agencies in Finland 2014

3 June 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

CMS battle: Drupal vs. EPiServer

20 May 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

Renewing an existing digital service – From chaos to an organized roadmap

27 April 2014

Kimmo Parkkinen

How to buy concept design—10 tips for cost-effectiveness

3 February 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

Choose the blogging platform that is best for you

30 January 2014

Perttu Tolvanen

Project story: Responsive web design propels former front runner back to the lead

2 October 2013

North Patrol

Concept design done right

1 October 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

Present and future of CMSs by Jeff Eaton

26 September 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

Predicting the CMS of 2017: Smart previews, stream management and simpler CMSs

17 September 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

WordPress setting the minimum standard for web content management systems

22 August 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

Project story: Making a giant public sector website using agile

10 June 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

Web CMS market trends in Finland 2013

3 June 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

Is the role of the Web CMS getting smaller?

3 June 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

Project story: Reincarnation of a large online service site

20 March 2013

North Patrol

Don’t expect your CMS to do multichannel publishing

28 February 2013

Perttu Tolvanen

How to avoid vendor lock-in in a web project

23 January 2013

Sami Kalanen

CMS trends: App store model

10 December 2012

Perttu Tolvanen

Preparing for a successful web project

23 October 2012

Sami Kalanen

An effective RFP for a web project

16 October 2012

Sami Kalanen

The 2012 CMS Market in Finland: Domestic products

4 October 2012

Perttu Tolvanen

The 2012 CMS Market in Finland: International Products

3 October 2012

Perttu Tolvanen

About North Patrol

We are a team of ten consultants, all of whom are experienced designers and technology experts. Every year we design and prepare over 50 different online services and information systems. Our customer satisfaction is very high (9.5 out of 10), and we have helped many customers transform their digital services.

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How we differ from our competitors?

  • We specialize in digital service design

    We specialize in high-quality design and requirements specification of digital services. Our mission is to help customers succeed in their software project by creating the best possible foundation for implementation – whether it is an agile implementation done inhouse, a project done with a partner, or a publicly tendered project.

  • We don't sell coding or licenses

    Many software companies recommend software solutions that they also implement themselves. We don’t do that. We don’t do software implementation projects or have partnerships with technology providers. Our perspective on the software market is broad, as it should be for our customers. Our goal is always to find the best possible software solution for our customer, whether it’s a custom-built solution, a SaaS service, an open-source platform, or a combination of these.

  • We are realistic and forward-thinking

    We design digital service concepts, implementation methods and architectures that are sustainable and can be further developed. We place great importance on the feasibility of software solutions, the availability of good partners and the predictability of costs.

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