Two models for buying a web project

Advice for partner selectionWhat is the focus in your web (renewal) project? Are you looking for something completely different and brand new? Or are you hoping to find a stable and modern CMS on which you could build the features of your web site in a cost-efficient manner?

When anticipating the results of the web project, is your main concern the look & feel, innovative user experience and wow-effects? Or are you mainly concerned about the functionalities and smart usage of the features of a suitable CMS?

Answering these questions is a starting point for choosing the right vendor for your web project. When the focus of the web site is on functionalities and farsighted solutions, it is usually wise to implement the project with one, committed partner that designs and implements the web site as a whole, applying all the value-added features of the CMS they know thoroughly. This we call a “function-driven web project”.

When the focus is on look & feel or innovations in user experience, the project can be called a “form-driven web project”. In this case, the system integrators of function-driven web projects are usually not that strong. When you are looking for ingenious UX reformations, you might need another kind of partner that could help you restructure the service strategy, user experience and visual appearance of the web site. On the other hand, these partners are seldom very strong in implementing the system: so you need another partner for technical implementation.

So, the paths for vendor selections vary according to the focus of your project:

In form-driven web projects, you choose a design partner first, and then an implementation partner. In function-driven web projects, you start with your requirements, and then choose a partner for specifying, designing and implementing the web site.

Taking the path of the form-driven web projects means that you need to find an innovative design partner first. That partner helps you realize all the fancy ideas you need for the fresh outcome – a prototype helps demonstrate and test the vision. And then you choose the cost-efficient technical partner for implementing the vision.

On the path of a function-driven web project, you define your requirements for the web site and relying on those, you find a long-term partner for specifying the requirements, designing the web site and implementing it as a functional, practical whole.

These two seem to be most common project models in vendor selections – choose the one suitable for your needs!

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About Virpi Blom

Virpi Blom is a Web Concept & Project Expert at North Patrol. Her expertise covers web concepts, content strategies, user experience and overall planning of web projects. She consults on matters of concept design and strategic roadmaps, as well as on designing and documenting the functional requirements. Virpi has over 15 years of experience with web sites, intranets and extranets from the viewpoint of their planning, defining, design, copywriting and usability testing. She has specialized in ensuring the positive user experience, regarding both form and function.

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