Advisor in buying web projects

Advisor in buying web projects

North Patrol is your expert in selecting the best vendors and technologies for your next web project. We are an independent consulting company without ties to system vendors, and can help select the best implementation plan and vendor to save you headaches in the long run.


We’re here to support for the whole lifecycle of a web project. Our main focus is at the critical stages of project planning, defining requirements and selecting the best partners. Additionally we support the implementation and assess the results.

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Bring in the experts

We’ll find you a web project solution that fits your needs – not something that’s convenient for a vendor to build. We have an exceptionally wide-ranging expertise with Internet, intranet, extranet and e-commerce platforms as well as content management solutions.

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Buyer’s guide to web projects

Our blog provides topical information about planning and buying web projects.

A team you can trust

North Patrol’s industry experts are Perttu Tolvanen, Hanna Korhonen, Kimmo Parkkinen, Virpi Blom, Sami Kalanen and Mikko Jokela. Together, we have 90 years of experience in hundreds of small and large projects in their various stages.

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Managing content in multiple languages is usually very difficult, and the more languages you have, the more difficult it usually gets. That said, there are two clearly different ‘schools of thought’ in managing multiple languages. From my experience, there are the ‘US style’ and the ‘European style’. The difference is not always very clear, and many big corporations actually apply both styles – sometimes at the same time.

Typically, most clients tend to fall in either of these categories. As consultants this is something we at times have to be hard to the client. Clients have to choose which style is closer to their requirements – at least on a regional level. Continue reading

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